It is in order to better prevent, heal better, better understand his body, and play an active role in our society, that Salvea offers a wide range of training courses and massage. We want to contribute to the general well being by democratizing the massage and making it accessible to everyone.

In this sense, the courses we offer are open to all, professional masseurs and masseuses, physiotherapists and private individuals.

They are intended to expand your therapeutic arsenal, develop your activity in the field of prevention and health or allow you to “exchange” with your loved ones.

Although our training offer gives an undeniable technical added value to your professional or personal know-how, you will not come to us just to learn but also to enjoy the conviviality of Salvea Massage Center training.

The content of our courses is primarily practical, but a summary of the techniques will be given to you in the course of training in the form of a syllabus.

From a practical point of view, our trainings take place on weekdays.