Cranial massage course

03/25-26/2024 + 04/29-30/2024 + 05/27-28/2024

Perhaps you have already had some training in massage and would like to step up your knowledgeand sensitivity concerning the head? Or perhaps you have no experience but are keen to have a go?

This new type of training we offer is based on a whole series of techniques, including Indian head massage, shiatsu, traditional Thai massage, Korean relaxation and Swedish massage.

The training will give you the tools to help release tension, both physical and psychological. It will develop and refine your sense of touch and allow you to establish contact with yourself in a space in which body and spirit are one.

– Module 1, Neck and cranial massage: You will learn more than thirty massage techniques aimed at stimulating the free circulation of energy between the upper back and the top of the head.

– Module 2, Face massage: Presentation of a set of techniques combining delicacy and softness, superficial and deeper massage aimed at achieving subtle but total relaxation of the face.

– Module 3, Neck, head and face acupressure: You will learn how to locate and stimulate energy points around the head

It’s not necessary to follow the courses by module. We offer you 10% off for an enrollment to the full training course (module 1, module 2, module 3)


Module 1:    25-26 March 2024  

The course is given in the Salvea Massage Centre- 214c, Chaussée de Wavre, 1050 Brussels
Module1: 9 hours over one and a half days Module2: 9 hours over one and a half days Module3: 9 hours over one and a half days
Module 1, Module 2, Module 3 (see left)
€175 by module (textbook and certificate included) An advance payment of €25 is requested. You will pay the rest of the sum (€150) the first day of this course.